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PAM - PPM - PWM Modulation and Demodulation

Model: 7410

PAM-PPM-PWM are the basic pulse modulation techniques. The trainer provides complete set up to the students for performing experiments on the techniques. They can study sampling, pulse modulation, demodulation and signal reconstruction processes. Separate circuits are provided for each technique. The student workbook and operating Manual provides technology details, circuit description and experiments.


  • Functional blocks indicated via on board mimics
  • Test points
  • Fully documented student workbook
  • PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation and demodulation techniques, using Natural and flat-top sampling
  • Analogue sample, sample and hold and flat-top outputs
  • Selectable 4 different sampling pulse frequencies on board
  • Voice communication using dynamic microphone and speaker
  • On-board filter and AC amplifier
  • Input-Output and test points provided on-board
  • Built-in DC Power Supply
  • 8 Switched faults


  • Study of PAM using Natural and Flat top sampling
  • Study of sample, sample and Hold and Flat-top outputs in PAM
  • Study of PAM with sample, sample and Hold and Flat-top modulating outputs
  • Study if PPM using DC and AC (sine wave) modulating signals
  • Study of Pulse Position Demodulation
  • Study of Pulse width Modulation and Demodulation using different sampling frequencies
  • Study of voice communication using PAM, PPM and PWM techniques

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