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 LADSIM - Ladder Logic Simulation Software

Large class sizes and successful expanding technology courses can mean a stretched practical element. At Bytronic, we recognise these trends, and have moved to accommodate them by introducing and extending our esimulation technology. LADSIM 3 - our latest release of our market leader ladder logic software package LADSIM - includes a full softwar representation of our leading student trainer the Industrial Control Trainer. This simulation technology combines the best of our hardware and software technologies. The student can write and test a full ladder PLC control program in a software environment. The program can then be taken forward to drive an actual Industrial Control Trainer using LADSIM's Real I/O facilities.

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  PCUSIM - Process Control Simulation

PCUSIM is a simulation environment for process control. The program is aimed at higher education students learning process control and PID (Three Term) controllers. PCUSIM is based upon a real unit, the Process Control Unit (PCU), sold by Bytronic to higher education establishments for over a decade. PCUSIM allows the teaching capabilities of the PCU to be extended to large numbers of students for the same investment in hardware.


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CODAS for Windows is a highly integrated software package for the design and simulation of control systems. CODAS provides time-domain, frequency domain and s-plane environments for the study of linear continuous time systems. Discrete time systems are handled too by defining transfer functions in terms of the z-operator. Non-linearities can be defined interactively with the effects on the system time response being simulated and its describing function plotted in the frequency domain.


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