• Allen Bradley Micro800 Series

    The Bytronic PLCA1 is a PLC trainer fitted with the Micro800 series PLC. The Micro800 series of PLC’s are designed to meet a variety of applications, with embedded Ethernet and Serial ports. It can function as a RTU (remote terminal unit) for remote machines with support for Modbus RTU and TCP. It has embedded support for 4 thermistor temperature inputs for use as a DDC (direct digital controller) for Building Management Systems. The Micro820 supports an embedded microSD slot that can be used for storing large amounts of data that normally cannot fit into memory for applications that require datalog and recipe. All files are stored in CSV text format for easy viewing and editing. The microSD card is also used for backing up and restoring the program, which can be used for duplicating the program in several machines.

    Also, available as an optional extra, is the Allen-Bradley Micro800 Remote LCD Display. This connects to the controller’s embedded RS232 port and works as accessory for the Micro820 controller. With 4 or 8 lines of ASCII text and a tactile keypad, it can be used as a simple HMI. Its system menu is available in multiple languages for direct viewing and editing of controller variables. Controller’s Ethernet address can also be easily set from the menu. Supports front panel mounting as well as DIN rail mounting next to the controller.

  • Mitsubishi Fx3

    The Mitsubishi FX3s PLC is the latest in the FX3 series of PLC by Mitsubishi. The PLC is fixed to a pre-wired PCB that enables easy connections. The trainer gives access to the PLC’s I/O capabilities providing an effective means for the student to test and debug the program prior to connecting to the application. All inputs and outputs are available through the colour coded safety sockets (4mm) and ‘D’ type connectors. Simulation of inputs is possible using the built-in switches.

    The controllers of the FX3S is designed to handle basic control task, it has a standard RS422 interface port for serial communications. A USB port (mini B) permits connection to a PC for high speed programming uploads and downloads along with monitoring. The FX3S has a built in EEPROM that can store up to 16,000 steps, 4,000 steps are reserved for the PLC program and up to 12,000 steps can be used for comments, and processes basic instructions in 0.21µs, making the FX3S an autonomous and very service-friendly system. For programming of the FX3S the GX Works2 programming software is used.

  • Siemens S7-200

    The Bytronic PLCSF range consists of a mounting frame and PLC combination based around a Siemens S7-200. The Simatic S7-200 family of programmable controllers are a compact and powerful micro PLC solution for automation tasks. They are also easily expandable with various digital and analogue modules available. The S7-200 communication port connects to a PC allowing the CPU to be programmed using Siemens STEP7 Micro/WIN32 software. The mounting frame gives easy access to the PLCs I/O capabilities providing an effective means for the student to test and debug their program prior to connecting to the application.