GPS Trainer


GPS Trainer

Key Features

  • 12 Channel GPS & Carrier
  • Fast Cold/ Warm/ Hot Start TTFF time of 45/38/8 Sec
  • Fast requisition time of 0.1 second
  • SiRf binary protocol Output
  • On board real time RTCM SC-104 differential
  • 1 Pulse per second signal
  • USB Powered and connection to PC
  • GPS Software for analysis


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Product Description

“Global Positioning System” (GPS) technology is rapidly changing how people find their way around, with GPS navigation becoming more common. The “GPS Trainer” will provide a basic understanding of the GPS fundamentals and satellite design aspects of GPS receivers by connecting to the Satellite with the GPS Antenna.


  • Understanding the Concept of GPS
  • Establishing a Link between the GPS Satellites and the GPS Trainer
  • Measurement of Latitude & Longitude
  • Effect of DOP
  • Study of HDOP & VDOP
  • Analysis of NMEA 0183 Protocols
  • Analysis of Elevation; Azimuth, SNR
  • Study of PRN code
  • Study of Common NMEA Sentence Protocol like, GPGGA, GPGLL, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPVTG
  • Study of other GPS NMEA Sentences like, GPALM, GPGRS, GPGST, GPMSS, GPZDA