Laser Fibre Optic Trainer


Laser Fibre Optic Trainer

Key Features

  • Functional Blocks indicated via on board mimics
  • 660 nm Laser diode source
  • On board Photo Detector and Power Meter
  • Automatic Power Control
  • Automatic Current Control


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Product Description

The Laser fibre optic trainer is part of our communication range, the LFOT teaches students the principles of Laser diodes, optical fibres and optical communication. Students can use the LFOT trainer to transmit via optical cables or free space while enabling the student to observe the output signals. The unit teaches the students the concepts of laser technology in an easy and practical way.


  • Characteristics of laser diodes
  • Study of ACC and APC modes of operation
  • Design and evaluation of a laser diode linear intensity modulation system
  • Transmission of Laser through an optical fibre
  • Laser Free Space Communication
  • Determination of Numerical Aperture of Optical fibres