8086 Microcontroller Trainer


8086 Microcontroller Trainer

Key Features

  • 8086 Microprocessor
  • External bus expansion
  • Full address decoding
  • Two 16-bit programmable parallel I/0 ports
  • Fully buffered, programmable serial port
  • 3 channel programmable timer
  • 7 levels of prioritised interrupts


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Product Description

The MIC-8086 Development and Training System includes a target board based on the 16-bit 8086 microprocessor. Designed as a general purpose unit it simplifies the teaching of the 8086 CPU and its commonly used peripherals. Suitable for use at all levels, from simple programs flashing an LED to use as a controller in complex projects. The MIC-8086 is used as a development system for 8086 Assembler Code programs, the EPROM based monitor providing a user interface to a PC through its serial port. Assembler code programs for the 8086 are constructed on the PC and downloaded from the host in Intel Hex format. Programs can be entered into the integral WINDOWS based, LINE-by-LINE assembler, disassembled and easily debugged with the monitoring facilities. LINE assembled programs can also be saved and re-loaded when required.

Standard connectors give full access to Data and Address buses so that logic analysers and other diagnostic equipment can be connected easily for demonstration and debugging purposes. All major components are retained in turned pin I/C sockets this enables faults to be easily applied without fear of damage to the target board for the teaching of fault finding techniques. The teaching of Logic and Signature Analysis and In-Circuit Emulation techniques is enhanced because the board may be set up for a realistic dedicated application