Key Features

  • ARM7 16/32 bit microcontroller
  • USB and RS232 connections
  • 8 channels of 10-bit ADC
  • 32 K Bytes SRAM
  • ARM7 “C” software development suite
  • In System Programmable (ISP) downloaded through RS232, USB or JTAG connections
  • Training manual with student exercises


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Product Description

The ARM7TS microcontrollers training system is based around the Atmel® AT91SAM7S range of microcontrollers; a high performance micro-controller with 128K bytes of downloadable non-volatile FLASH EEPROM and 32K bytes of SRAM with high performance 32-bit RISC architecture and a high density 16-bit instruction set with real-time emulation and embedded trace support, which combine micro-controller with embedded high-speed flash memory. The ARM7 family is a range of low-power 32-bit RISC microprocessor cores optimized for cost and power-sensitive consumer applications. The ARM7TS is designed for the introduction of ARM technology in to students

The ARM7TS consists of the ARM7 Microcontroller board fitted with the Atmel AT91SAM7S128, Crossware™ ARM7 “C” Software Development Suite, Jaguar™ JTAG, interface cables, power supply and training manual.

The ARM7 Development Suite includes an advanced optimizing C compiler, Code Creation Wizards, source level instruction and peripheral simulator extendable to simulate complete target systems, source level debugger and the Crossware “Jaguar” JTAG to USB debugger interface. Software downloading to the target is possible by plugging the Jaguar into the JTAG connector on the ARM7 board and into a USB port on a PC. Programs are developed in ‘C’ or “C++”, debugged and then compiled before downloading them. Program download can also be achieved through either the 9 way D type, serial port connection or the USB port.

A 40way IDC is fitted to the board and provides access to the controller ports and can be used for direct connection of additional application equipment. Access to the ports is also available through a screw terminal blocks allowing connection for demonstration or development purposes.