Sensor Training Rig


Sensor Training Rig

Key Features

  • Self-contained
  • Fits onto a bench top
  • Introduction to the use of sensors
  • Rules of detection using sensors
  • Efficiency evaluation of various sensors
  • Techniques for connection to a PLC
  • Choice of sensor technology
  • Selection of sensor from a list of conditions
  • Various materials supplied for use with the sensor training rig


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Product Description

The Sensor Training Rig is an introduction to the use of sensors, types of sensors and a teaching aid when studying the application of control, manufacturing or automation. The sensors include infra-red, capacitive, photoelectric, inductive, proximity, fibre-optic and mechanical sensors. The outputs to the sensors are easily accessible through 4mm colour coded terminals on the front of the unit or through a D type connection and can be linked to a PLC or PC for analysis and testing of the sensors.

The STR is supplied with various types of material steel, aluminium, foam, wood, plexiglas, plastic abs, white plastic abs, to provide the student with the facility to compare the effectiveness of the different types of sensors for different types of materials supplied. The student can evaluate the efficiency of the sensors using the various materials. The range and suitability of the sensors can be observed providing the student with the opportunity to make recommendations for the selection of a sensor in particular applications.