Traffic Control Unit


Traffic Control Unit

Key Features

  • Self-contained easy to setup
  • Control from PLC or PC
  • Connect to PLC through 24v dc ‘D’ type connectors and 4mm coloured sockets
  • PC connection through USB
  • Acrylic front with clear visual mimic of a crossroad junction, reversed printed to protect from damage
  • Familiar environment for easy understanding of programming requirement
  • Electronics and LEDs are secured within the enclosure preventing damage


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Product Description

The Traffic Control Unit (TCU) can be used as an application for control from either PLC or PC. For PLC control a PLC with six digital inputs and eleven digital outputs is required to control all features on the unit. For PC control a USB is fitted, allowing control from either the supplied software or programing software compatible with the USB interface.

The TCU represents a typical crossroads junction controlled by two pairs of traffic lights together with a pedestrian crossing on one approach. The TCU features a clear mimic of a traffic junction with the lights and pedestrian crossings represented by LED’s in the appropriate colours. Four buttons are used to simulate vehicle sensors built into the surface of the road and represent traffic flow. Further buttons are used to control the pedestrian crossing and a reset signal.

The Acrylic front cover protects the electronics and the mimic from damage. The TCU is supplied with a manual that includes a user guide, courseware suggestions and solutions to the exercises.

USB or IDC connection supplied as required.


  • Basic traffic light sequence
  • Dual traffic light sequence
  • Traffic counting
  • Time alteration according to traffic flow
  • Pedestrian crossing (stand alone)
  • Complete system control
  • Adjusted pedestrian priority