Key Features

  • Coloured LEDs, visual monitor
  • External connection through parallel port
  • Reduced set-up time, fast and simple to install
  • Flexibility, easily moved from PC to PC
  • 12 x 24V d.c. Opto-isolated Inputs
  • 1 x 8-bit analogue to digital converter
  • 8 x 24V d.c. relay outputs


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Product Description

The Parallel Port Interface (PPI) units provide quick and easy interfacing to the PC by connecting a cable to the parallel port. This method of connection reduces the initial set-up time, eliminates the requirement to open up the PC and increases the flexibility of the unit by enabling it to be moved easily between PCs.

The PPI2 Version has integral relays and is designed for the control of 24v systems and includes one analogue 8-bit 0-5v input, making this a very versatile interface that has many applications. A feature of the PPI2 is its coloured LED’s that provide the student and teacher with a visual monitor of the I/O status. The 12 opto-isolated inputs and 8 relay outputs of the PPI2 are accessible through 15 way ‘D’ type connectors and the single 0 to 5V analogue input through a 9 way ‘D’ type connector. The Parallel Port Interfaces have been designed so that they can be used with almost any programming language, for example, Visual BASIC, Delphi and C and also National Instruments LabVIEW. Also included are drivers and sample programs.