Basic Solar Energy Trainer


Basic Solar Energy Trainer

Key Features

  • Small and compact solar panel trainer
  • Introduction into solar technology



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Product Description

The Solar Energy Trainer introduces the fundamentals of a solar cell (photovoltaic Cell) and conversion of the suns photons into electrical energy. This can be monitored with a built in voltmeter and ammeter to measure the voltage and current produced. The Trainer allows the study of the characteristics and application of solar energy and the charge of batteries using solar energy.


  • Calculation of voltage and current of solar cells
  • Calculation of voltage and current of solar cells in parallel
  • Study of V – I curve and power curve of solar cells to find the maximum power point (MPP) and efficiency of a solar cell
  • Calculation of solar cell efficiency
  • Application of solar cells in domestic use to charge a¬†battery operated lamp, fan and radio