1.) If you are having product related problems
  • Check you have the correct power supply
  • Check all fuses are OK
  • Check all connections are correctly made
  • Check switched faults are OFF
  • Check any start/stop or emergency stop switches are set correctly
  • Check user manual for relevant calibration procedure
  • Check drivers are installed and working correctly
  • Reset the control program and run test
  • Contact:
2.) If you are having software related problems
  • Download the latest Bytronic drivers.
  • Reinstall software
  • Reset the control program and retest
  • Contact Bytronic for the latest software version by e-mail and quote the software name and version. This can be found by selecting “help” then “about” from the menu in the program
  • Contact:
3.) If you are having driver related problems
  • Download and install the most recent Bytronic drivers
  • Drivers and diagnostic tools for the software protection Dongle can be downloaded here
  • Please contact us on the below address for Bytronic drivers
  • Contact:
4.) If you are having further problems not listed above
  • Check you have read all documentation
  • Contact: