About us

Bytronic was first established in 1979 and has its roots in a UK University. Bytronic continues the process of development with links to key UK Universities to ensure that we meet the needs of educational establishments now and in the future. Bytronic has a worldwide reputation and can be found in key educational establishments in all major countries, and are represented in over fifty countries. Bytronic also supplies some of the largest global company training centres in industries such as Oil, Gas, Chemical, Food, Automotive and Airports. We are also used in the training centres of major manufactures of automation and control equipment.

Bytronic are manufacturers and suppliers of Technical Educational products and course material aimed at Further and Higher Education in the areas of Electronics, Process Control, Automation, Control Systems, PLC, Pneumatics, Instrumentation, Communications and Simulation Software. Individual products, Systems or complete Labs and the training required for teaching the subjects can be offered.