Digital Electronics Lab


Digital Electronics Lab

Key Features

  • Solderless Breadboard
  • On Board DC Power supply
  • On Board Pulse Generator  with TTL/CMOS mode
  • Pulser switches, 8 bit data switches
  • Bicolor LED display
  • BCD to Seven Segment Display
  • CMOS/TTL outputs
  • Functional blocks indicated on board mimic


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Product Description

The DL7211 is designed for experimentation with digital circuits. It is a self-contained trainer including DC power supplies, function generator, modulation generator, continuity tester, potentiometers and toggle switches. A breadboard is supplied with the unit to allow easy access for the students to connect and test various components without the hassle of soldering. A number of ready to use experiment circuit boards are available and fourteen boards are provided with the lab.

Experiments Boards:

  • Logic Gates: AND, OR, NAND, NOR and EX-OR
  • Universal Gate – NAND/NOR Gate: NOT, AND, OR Gate Implementation
  • EX-OR Gate Implementation
  • Demorgan’s Theorem
  • EX-OR Gate Application: Odd and Even Parity Generator, Binary word comparator
  • Code Conversion: Binary to Gray and Gray to Binary
  • Code Conversion: BCD to Excess-3 Code
  • Binary Adder/Subtractor: 2 Bit Binary Half Adder, 3 Bit Binary Full Adder, 2 Bit Binary Half Subtractor, 2 Bit Binary Parallel Adder
  • Encoder/Decoder: 8 to 3 Line Encoder, 3 to 8 Line Decoder
  • Multiplexer/Demultiplexer: 4 to 1 Line Multiplexer, 1 to 4 Line Demultiplexer
  • Flip-Flops: R-S, D, J-K, T Flip-Flops
  • Shift Register: 4 Bit Serial In – Parallel Out
  • 4 Bit Synchronous Binary Counter: Up Counter
  • 4 Bit Binary Ripple Counter: UP/DOWN Counter