DSB/SSB AM Transmitter


DSB/SSB AM Transmitter

Key Features

  • Functional Blocks indicated via on board mimics
  • Switched Faults
  • Oscillator controlled carrier frequency
  • On board audio oscillator
  • On board transmitting antenna
  • On board speaker


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Product Description

The 7501 DSB/SSB AM transmitter trainer is part of an analogue communication range which provides all the necessary inputs, test points and connections for experimentation. The 7501 trainer teaches students the basics of DSB/SSB Amplitude modulation and transmission systems through measurement of voltages via the on-board test points.

The 7502 DSB/SSB AM Receiver is required to work with this unit.


Automatic Gain Control:

  • Double Sideband AM Generation
  • To calculate modulation index of DSB wave by trapezoidal pattern
  • Double Sideband AM Reception
  • Study of Diode Detector

Single Side Band Transmission:

  • Signal Sideband AM Generation
  • Single Sideband AM Reception.
  • Operation of the Automatic Gain Control Circuit (AGC)

Receiver Characteristics (Selectivity, Sensitivity, Fidelity):

  • To plot selectivity curve for radio receiver
  • To plot sensitivity curve for radio receiver
  • To plot fidelity curve for radio receiver