Flow Control

PCT-M1 PID Software

Flow Control

Key Features

  • Control and measurement of flow
  • PID control PC SCADA type software with control and data monitoring
  • Complete self-contained unit
  • Connection to PC through USB
  • Water used for the process
  • Turbine flow sensor
  • Flow meter for visual monitoring
  • Clear tank and pipes


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Product Description

The PCT-M1 Flow control trainer unit is a self-contained system comprising a pump connected through PVC pipes to a flow sensor, a valve and to a rotameter used to see actual flow rate in the system. The clear tank and pipes allows the student to see the processes they are controlling. The study of flow control and monitoring in a system can be performed through the graphical based software supplied with the unit, which has PID control with graphical interface for data analysis.

The PCT-M1 only requires connection to a PC through a USB connection. The control module is contained on the unit and has a mimic of the systems and LED indication.


  • Proportional control
  • Proportional and Integral control
  • Saturation and integral windup
  • Three term or PID control