Mitsubishi Fx3


Mitsubishi Fx3

Key Features

  • All connections easily accessible thru 4mm colour coded terminals and D connectors
  • PLC prewired, alleviates the issue of damage to PLC with rewiring for each use.
  • Built in switches allows pre-testing of program.
  • Easily stored and setup


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Product Description

The Mitsubishi FX3s PLC is the latest in the FX3 series of PLC by Mitsubishi. The PLC is fixed to a pre-wired PCB that enables easy connections. The trainer gives access to the PLC’s I/O capabilities providing an effective means for the student to test and debug the program prior to connecting to the application. All inputs and outputs are available through the colour coded safety sockets (4mm) and ‘D’ type connectors. Simulation of inputs is possible using the built-in switches.

The controllers of the FX3S is designed to handle basic control task, it has a standard RS422 interface port for serial communications. A USB port (mini B) permits connection to a PC for high speed programming uploads and downloads along with monitoring. The FX3S has a built in EEPROM that can store up to 16,000 steps, 4,000 steps are reserved for the PLC program and up to 12,000 steps can be used for comments, and processes basic instructions in 0.21µs, making the FX3S an autonomous and very service-friendly system. For programming of the FX3S the GX Works2 programming software is used.