Mobile Phone Trainer


Mobile Phone Trainer

Key Features

  • Real time Mobile Operation
  • Full understanding of mobile phone working
  • Frequency measurement and band verification
  • Provides study of all sections in mobile phone
  • TX/RX Frequency measurement
  • 2G technology and GMSK signals
  • GSM data rate
  • Detail study of User Interface Control Signals
  • Detail study of SIM Operation
  • Battery identification and charging study
  • Switched Faults


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Product Description

The Mobile Phone Trainer provides basic theory and working fundamentals of a 2G handset based on one of the most popular handsets, the Nokia 3310/3315. The MPT provides network, power supply, charging and user interface circuits for the detailed block study


  • To study and measure frequency band
  • To study and measure the GMSK signals such as Tx I /Q, Rx I /Q
  • To study and observe the system CLK
  • Observation of Audio signal
  • To study and measure the Power supply
  • Study of charging phenomena with fault insertion
  • Study and measure PWM signal of Ul circuit such as Vibrator, LED, Buzzer
  • Measurement of LCD with fault insertion
  • Keypad study with fault insertion
  • Observe and measure of the SIM Card CLK with fault insertion