Pressure Control

PCT-M3 PID Software

Pressure Control

Key Features

  • Control and measurement of pressure
  • PID control PC SCADA type software with control and data monitoring
  • Complete self-contained unit
  • Connection to PC through USB
  • Air used for the process
  • Gauge pressure sensor
  • Manual valve to generate disturbances
  • Safe low pressure operation


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Product Description

The PCT-M3 Pressure control trainer system enables the study of the principles in pressure control and monitoring in a pressurised system. The system is self-contained and only requires connection to a PC through a USB. The control module is contained on the unit and has a mimic of the systems and LED indication. The PCT-M3 can be controlled through the graphical based software supplied with the unit providing PID control.

The systems comprises a compressor connected to a reservoir tank, a regulator valve, a pressure sensor, a needle valve to add a disturbance and a pressure gauge to indicate the pressure in the system. The built in compressor provides for a safe working environment and removes the need for connection to an airline or additional compressor.