Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter


Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter

Key Features

  • Functional blocks indicated via on board mimics
  • Test points
  • Crystal controlled clock
  • On-board sine generator (synchronized)
  • 2 TDM analog channels
  • PCM transmitter
  • Fast and slow modes for real time operation and data flow examination
  • Error check code options (odd-even parity, hamming code)
  • 4 switched faults allow different error check code options


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Product Description

The 7403 is one of a range of digital communication trainers and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students to study pulse code modulation transmission techniques. A communication link can be established by using model 7404, the pulse code modulation receiver.


  • Study of pulse code modulation
  • Study of A/D conversion
  • Study of control signals and their timing
  • Study of time division multiplexing
  • Study of synchronization by pseudo random code
  • Study of error check codes
  • Three modes of operation to regenerate original signal