Transducer Trainer


Transducer Trainer

Key Features

  • Four different optical Transducers
  • Study of Transducer controlled switching
  • Functional blocks indicated by on-board mimics
  • Four different temperature Transducers
  • Study of Transducer controlled switching/alarm systems
  • On-board signal conditioning circuitry
  • Sensitive, Linear, Stable and Accurate
  • 3½ digit LED display with polarity indicator
  • LVDT displacement measurement jig with micrometer
  • On-board excitation generator
  • Amplitude adjustment for excitation generator
  • Test points to observe inputs and outputs
  • Onboard gain adjustment
  • Offset null adjustment
  • 3½ digits LED display
  • On-board cantilever arrangement


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Product Description

The TRT is a collection of four transducer trainers which include Optical, Temperature, Strain gauge and LVDT. The four different trainers help teach students an introduction into various elements of transducers. The strain gauge trainer uses a cantilever beam arrangement to produce strain on the strain gauge with weights placed on the free end of the cantilever. The seven-segment LED display shows strain in micro strain units. Different weights are provided to perform linearity and sensitivity experiments.

The Optical Transducer comprises of various sensors and transducers which provides the basic knowledge for sensing light and signal conditioning of the signals received from the sensors and transducers. The Temperature Transducer trainer covers four different types of transducers. Experiments covering fundamental characteristics of transducers and the study of transducer controlled switching/alarm systems can be performed.

The LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) is the most widely used inductive transducer for displacement measurement. LVDT is a secondary transducer which converts the displacement directly into an electrical output proportional to the displacement. The trainers seven-segment LED display shows displacement in mm with a sensitivity of 10mV/mm in the range of 10mm.


Optical Transducer Experiments

  • Characteristics of Filament Lamp
  • Characteristics of Photovoltaic Cell
  • Characteristics of Photoconductive Cell
  • Characteristics of PIN Photodiode
  • Characteristics of Phototransistor
  • Optically Controlled Switching System

Temperature Transducer Experiments

  • Characteristics of IC Temperature Sensor
  • Characteristics of Platinum RTD
  • Characteristics of NTC Thermistor
  • Characteristics of NTC Bridge Circuit
  • Characteristics of K type Thermocouple
  • Temperature controlled Alarm System (1 NTC)
  • Temperature controlled Alarm System (2 NTC)

LVDT Transducer Experiments

  • Study of Input Output Characteristics of LVDT
  • Determination of Linear Range of Operation of LVDT
  • Determination of Sensitivity of LVDT
  • Measurement of Phase Difference between LVDT Secondary Winding

Strain Gauge Experiments

  • Study of Strain Measurement using Strain Gauges and Cantilever Assembly
  • Determination of Linear Range of operation of Strain Measurement
  • Determination Sensitivity of Trainer