Antenna Trainer System

Antenna Trainer System

Key Features

  • Experiment with different types of antennas
  • Antenna fabrication kit
  • On board RF and tone generator
  • On board matching stub
  • SWR measurements
  • 22 Antennas and radiation plotting patterns
  • Motorised rotating unit


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Product Description

The Antenna Trainer System is ideal for introducing the principles of Antenna operations and design. The ATS7261 training system includes a set of modular mechanical elements forming various antennas, a transmitter unit and a detector unit. The Antenna Training System comes with a motorised antenna unit that allows for the automated recording of radiation patterns of the antennas. This operation is normally performed by rotating the transmitting antenna at different angles by hand and measuring the radiated intensity.

The motorised antenna unit consists of a microcontroller based system for capturing, displaying and printing of the antenna radiation patterns. The system captures a signal at an interval of ten rotations driven by a stepper motor and the radiation pattern is then displayed on the PC.


  • Arranging the trainer and performing functional checks
  • Perform a modulation and demodulation test
  • Plotting the polar graph/radiation pattern of an antenna manually
  • Plotting a polar graph/radiation pattern of an antenna using the software
  • Simple dipole l/2, l/4 and 3l/2 antenna
  • Folded dipole l/2 antenna
  • Yagi-UDA 5 and 7 element simple dipole antenna
  • Yagi -UDA 3, and 5 element folded dipole antenna
  • Hertz antenna
  • Zeppelin antenna
  • l/2 Phase array (end fire) antenna
  • l/ 4 Phase array (end fire) antenna
  • Combined co-linear and Broad side array antenna
  • Log periodic antenna
  • Cut paraboloid reflector antenna
  • Loop, Rhombus, Ground plane, Slot and Helix antenna
  • Perform polarisation test
  • Variation in the radiation strength at a given distance from the antenna
  • Reciprocity theorem for antennas
  • Matching stub
  • SWR measurement
  • Antenna current sensor