ASi- Technology Trainer

ASi- Technology Trainer

Key Features

  • Introduction to AS-i technology and its position in the control system hierarchy
  • AS-i development technology and feature
  • Build an AS-i network
  • AS-i wiring and installation
  • Configure and exercise your network
  • AS-i Profiles and extensions
  • Setting up a basic system
  • Programming a simple control scheme and demonstrate parameters
  • Using an analyser to fault find and advanced diagnostics
  • Setting up a AS-i safe system
  • Practical test and Multiple-choice theory test


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Product Description

The ASi-T module is designed to allow the theory and practice of the Actuator Sensor Interface to be taught. The module uses a combination of practical applications and the theory.  The use of automation, improved methods of control and the development of Fieldbus technology are all essential learning requirements for an engineer.

The use of AS-i intelligent sensors, actuators and remote I/O in the most efficient and effective way and how to integrate AS-i into higher Fieldbus systems are included in the course. Students will build, configure and exercise their own AS-interface system from the beginning and the planning and installation of Fieldbus networks. No previous knowledge of AS-i or other Fieldbus systems is required.

The ASi-T module consists of a Siemens Simatic S7-300 Modular PLC complete with AS-i master, and all required I/O. The ASi-T is mounted on an aluminium board, and is supplied with a courseware manual.


  • Practical Exercise, AS-i system 3 – Siemens Master
  • Siemens STEP 7- Micro/Win 32 software
  • Exercising slave I/O
  • Executing AS-i functions
  • Reading slave ID codes
  • Obtaining slave I/O codes
  • Hand-held test tool
  • Automatic addressing
  • Profiles and Parameters
  • The intelligent Sensor Health bit