Data Reformatting and Carrier Demodulation Receiver

Data Reformatting and Carrier Demodulation Receiver

Key Features

  • Functional blocks indicated via on board mimics
  • Test points
  • 7 Different data conditioning formats – NRZ(M) RZ, Biphase (Manchester), Biphase (Mark), AMI, RB
  • FSK, PSK, ASK, DPSK & QPSK carrier demodulation
  • On-Board Biphase clock recovery circuit
  • On-board data squaring circuit and different decoder
  • On-Board Butterworth Filters – 4th Order filters


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Product Description

The unit is one of a range of digital communication trainers and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students. The 7407 carrier demodulation and data reformatting receiver trainer is a digital communication system which efficiently explains all communication processing steps involved in digital transmission and reception of analogue signals. Various digital modulation techniques such as ASK, FSK, PSK, DPSK, QPSK etc can be implemented using combinations of the 7406 and 7407 trainers.

In order for this unit to work correctly the 7406 data formatting and carrier modulation transmitter trainer is required.


  • Data formats
  • Amplitude shift keying
  • Frequency shift keying
  • Phase shift keying
  • Differential phase shift keying
  • Quadrature phase shift keying
  • Differential quadrature phase shift keying