Frequency Modulation/Demodulation

Frequency Modulation/Demodulation

Key Features

  • Functional Blocks indicated via on board mimics
  • Test points
  • Switched Faults
  • On board audio oscillator, modulators, demodulators, amplitude limiter, filters and mixer/amplifier.


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Product Description

The 7503 Frequency Modulation and Demodulation trainer is part of an analogue communication range which provides all necessary inputs, test points and connections for experimentation. The 7503 trainer provides the students with an introduction into frequency modulation/demodulation and various experiments can be performed to teach the students the process of FM generation and detection. The students will interact with the trainer by observing the waveforms and signals via various on board test points.


  • Frequency Modulation using Varactor Modulator
  • Frequency Modulation using Reactance Modulator
  • Operation of Detuned Resonant Circuit
  • Operation of Quadrature Detector
  • Operation of Phase-Locked Loop Detector
  • Operation of Foster – Seeley Detector
  • Operation of Ratio Detector