Transmission Line Trainer

Transmission Line Trainer

Key Features

  • 100m coaxial line
  • On board test generators and terminating resistances.
  • Test points
  • Functional block indicated via on board mimic


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Product Description

In telecommunications transmission lines are used to convey signals from one point to another. The line properties become very important especially in multi-channel systems. The TLT is a unique design for experimenting with various properties of a transmission line. The unit provides the basic concepts of a coaxial line and includes all devices and accessories required to conduct the experiments.


  • Measuring the Characteristics of a Line
  • Measuring the Input Impedance of the Line
  • Measuring the Attenuation of a Line
  • Phase Displacement between the Current and voltage at input of a Line
  • Frequency characteristic of the Line
  • Stationary Waves
  • Signal Phase Shift along the Line
  • Fault Localization within the Line
  • Line under Pulsed condition