Engine Rigs (Diesel)


Engine Rigs (Diesel)

Key Features

  • Fitted with manufacturer’s diagnostic socket (16 pin).
  • Engine Rig mounted on a self-contained stand complete with castors.
  • Supply voltage 12 volts DC.
  • Rotating parts covered by mesh guards.
  • Supplied with a comprehensive training manual
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Product Description

We offer a range of Diesel Engine trainers which come fully operational and complete with fuel, cooling, turbo and exhaust systems. The trainer allows students to have a hands-on approach with real and working components.

Engine Rig Options:
    • ER-F/1.8 – Ford 1.8 (non-turbo)
    • ER-F/1.8T – Ford 1.8 (turbo)
    • ER-W1.9TDI – VAG1.9 TDI EDC
    • ER-CPR/HDI – Citroen/Peugeot PSA Common Rail HDI
    • ER-VPDI/Inj – VAG PDI unit injection
    • ER-V/O CDTI1.9 – Vauxhall/Opel CDTI 1.9 with CAN
Optional Accessories:
    • FI-10/ER – Ten faults, fault insertion (lockable)
    • PO – Pin-Out facility on sensors and actuators
    • AC – Operational AC or CC system on donor engine
    • Add-ref/ER – Revolving engine frame with 60:1 reduction gearbox
    • GCCP – Gearbox complete with clutch & clutch pedal
    • EAT-DBE – Electronic auto transaxle, driveshafts & braking facility on donor engine
    • ECU-PO – ECU pin out facility