Engine Sections Trainer


Engine Sections Trainer

Key Features

  • Engine Rig mounted on a self-contained Frame.
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Product Description

We offer a range of different sections to an engine varying from a sectioned clutch to a sectioned gearbox, these trainers allow students to study the varying different sections of an engine and the how they operate. The students can work with these units allowing them to have a better understanding without the requirement of a fully operation vehicle.

Engine Section Options:
    • SPE – Sectioned petrol engine
    • SDE – Sectioned diesel engine
    • SPG-5 – Sectioned five speed gearbox
    • SSAG-5 – Sectioned five speed automatic gearbox
    • SWDT-4 – Sectioned 4 Wheel Drive Transmission
    • STBT – Sectioned Timing Belt Trainer
    • SSCT – Sectioned clutch trainer