PIC Training Board


PIC Training Board

Key Features

  • Microchip PIC24FJ256GB110
  • Two RS232 ports
  • CANBUS port
  • DC motor with fan
  • Heater with temperature sensor
  • LCD display 2 or 4 lines, 16 characters
  • Keypad
  • USB device to connect to a PC host
  • USB host, for USB flash drive
  • RTC with EEPROM
  • Analogue potentiometer
  • QEI encoder
  • Four switch inputs
  • Eight LED outputs
  • Optional Zigbee communications


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Product Description

This trainer, based on the PIC24FJ256GB110 16-bit microcontroller has been designed to support the teaching of programming and/or interfacing. The board may be programmed by the user with Microchip’s MPLAB and C30 compiler; the user can then implement the programs in assembly language or C to control the board’s facilities. The program may then be downloaded into the PIC24 (over writing the monitor) using an external programmer.

The PIC24 board can also be controlled using Microsoft Visual Express C++ 2010. The monitor program enables commands from a PC host to control the board through a USB connection. This enables programs to be implemented on a PC to carry out many of the included exercises. A library of C/C++ functions is supplied for Microsoft Visual Express C++ 2010 (similar functions could be written for any compiler/language which has USB communications facilities).


  • Read switch values to control LEDs (e.g. speed of rotating pattern)
  • Using the RS232 interface to communicate with a PC host running a terminal emulator
  • Read keypad and display result on an LCD
  • Control heater temperature using PWM by either switching heater or motor (control of PWM may be on/off or combinations of PID)
  • Read potentiometer (analogue or digital) to control motor speed using PWM
  • Use CANBUS to communicate with another device
  • Communicate with a PC host through USB
  • Communicate with a USB device such as a flash drive