Siemens S7-200


Siemens S7-200

Key Features

  • 24V dc digital I/O
  • Enables students to test and debug control programs
  • Colour coded 4mm terminals
  • Easy connection to application via ‘D’ connectors
  • Built-in EEPROM memory
  • Switched inputs
  • PLCS4F – 8 DC Inputs, 6 Digital Transistor Outputs
  • PLCS5F – 14 DC Inputs, 10 Digital Transistor Outputs
  • PLCS6F – 14 DC Inputs, 10 Digital Transistor Outputs and 8 Relay Outputs


View PLCS4F Datasheet (PDF)


View PLCS5F Datasheet (PDF)


View PLCS6F Datasheet (PDF)


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Product Description

The Bytronic PLCSF range consists of a mounting frame and PLC combination based around a Siemens S7-200. The Simatic S7-200 family of programmable controllers are a compact and powerful micro PLC solution for automation tasks. They are also easily expandable with various digital and analogue modules available. The S7-200 communication port connects to a PC allowing the CPU to be programmed using Siemens STEP7 Micro/WIN32 software. The mounting frame gives easy access to the PLCs I/O capabilities providing an effective means for the student to test and debug their program prior to connecting to the application.