Multi Application Board

Multi Application Board

Key Features

  • Building control circuits and PC control programming
  • Introduces electronic control techniques
  • Control of a D.C. motor, direction control
  • Temperature control
  • ADC and DAC converters
  • Keypad input
  • Audible and visual indictors
  • Several other projects with varying complexity
  • Control from a PC or Microcontroller
  • Switched faults


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Product Description

The Multi Applications Board (MAB) contains a variety of experiments on one board and is ideal for learning how to interface a PC or Microcontroller to applications. The techniques of controlling data transmission, keyboard entry, digital sound production, D.C. motors, heaters, and visual displays can be controlled using a PC with a programming language, the MAB can also be used as target for a microcontroller. This involve the fundamentals of microprocessor or computer programming, such as decision making, D to A and A to D conversion, open and closed loop control, creating delay loops, using subroutines and event counting.

The MAB Primary components are: a 12V d.c. motor, this is used for closed-loop control to drive a fan which cools a heater/resistor to a set temperature. Several other elements are on the MAB these include a Piezo buzzer, TTL monitor, a bank of logic switches, a logic probe power point, a strain gauge and amplifier, a bar-graph and a seven segment display, switched faults and a potentiometer that can be used as an analogue input.


  • Switched inputs
  • Control of an output port
  • Use of the Analogue to Digital Converter
  • Use of the temperature sensor
  • Digital to Analogue Converter
  • Control of the buzzer frequency
  • Driving the seven segment display unit
  • Keypad scanning
  • Pulse Width Modulation control of the DC motor unit
  • Closed loop control of the DC motor unit