Pulse Code Modulation Receiver

Pulse Code Modulation Receiver

Key Features

  • Input accepts two channel multiplexed data
  • On-board demultiplexed PCM receiver
  • On-board Low Pass Filter
  • Fast and slow modes for real time operation and data flow examination
  • On-board PLL for clock regeneration
  • On-board sync code detector
  • Error check code option
  • Odd or even parity – single bit error detection
  • Hamming code single bit error detection and correction
  • Switched faults allow different error check code options


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Product Description

The 7404 is one of a range of digital communication trainers and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students to study decoding and demultiplexing of data transmitted by model 7403, the pulse code modulation transmitter. On-Board PLL provides regeneration of clock. Synchronization between transmitter and receiver is provided by pseudo random code.


  • Study of pulse code modulation
  • Study of A/D conversion
  • Study of control signals and their timing
  • Study of time division multiplexing
  • Study of synchronization by pseudo random code
  • Study of error check codes
  • Three modes of operation to regenerate original signal